French Oak Wine Barrels for Sale

We have an authentic selection of French oak wine barrels for sale – sourced from a few of the finest wineries in Australia. The barrels are refurbished, smoothened and decorated to create a unique wine-and-dine experience for you and your guest.

If you want to create a unique and spectacular vintage-themed event on a budget, we can help. With our wine barrels and matching stools, not only will your guests be delighted, but they will also remember your hospitality for years to come.

Where to Buy French Oak Wine Barrels in Sydney?

Wine Barrels Sydney is one of the few companies out there that provide French oak wine barrels for events and gatherings. We are assuming that you are one of those people, who usually do not organise an event but when they do, they do it in a unique, special way. While the music and lighting are all fine, it’s the furniture that helps you stand out. And we have exactly what you need to achieve your event goals.

High Quality, Cheap Prices – Buy Best French Oak Wine Barrels

We provide authentic French Oak wine barrels at low prices to let you cut back on furniture expenses and spend more on food and drinks. When you choose our combo pack, you get more and save more. The more, the merrier.

French Oak Wine Barrels for Sale – Now Buy Online

You do not have to come all the way down to our warehouse for the purchase. You can book your French Oak wine barrels online or over the phone call. We’ll take care of everything else from start to finish.

Let us know the kind of ambience you want to create at your event, and we shall handpick the best match for your budget and preference.

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