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Vintage Drink Crates

For those wanting to create a rustic look to their event, Vintage Crates look fantastic alongside our Wine Barrels. To retain an original, classic look and feel, some of our Vintage Crates still have visible signage of old-fashioned drinks such as Shelleys 32, Cottees Screw Top and Swing.

The crates are also used to showcase products at corporate events, food fairs and the Easter show.

Vintage drink crates

The hire price of the Vintage Crates is $9.90 including GST.

Please contact Iqbal Kassam on 0449-864-774 or email us on for further details.

Vintage drink crates

Wine Barrel Hire Sydney

We turn serving drinks into something special.

Our Wine Barrels and other vintage items are hand-selected and of the highest standard on the market. Refurbished to bring out the beautiful characteristics of the oak and original markings, our Wine Barrels are beautifully unique.

With a wide variety of quality, beautiful oak barrels, we can help you create a truly memorable rustic or vintage-themed event that’s sure to impress your guests or clients.

If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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