Wine Barrel Umbrellas

Our Wine Barrels are ideal in locations where people mingle at events and are able to conveniently place their glasses or bottles on these to use as cocktail tables. We have three different stool types which can be placed around our Wine Barrels so guests or clients can use them in place of traditional tables. Our three types of stools are the Rustic Wooden Top Stools or our Black or Gunmetal Grey Tolix Stools.

On sunny days, the umbrellas provide a fair amount of shade and are very popular for outdoor events in parks, streets, large backyards and weddings on large country estates and farms.

The hire price of a Wine Barrel with umbrella is $110 including GST and minimum hire is 2 Wine Barrels with umbrellas

Please contact Iqbal Kassam on 0449-864-774 or email us on for further details.

French Oak Wine Barrels originally used in winemaking have been refurbished to bring out their naturally stunning, timeless look and feel. Our Wine Barrels are hand-selected and of the highest standard in the market. They also have slots on the top for the 3-metre span umbrellas to be completely secured and safe for mild windy and rainy weather conditions.

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